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Client Reviews

"It's been a great privilege to work with Michael Hughes of Good Works Public Relations over the past several years.  Publishing has changed and as an author of both non-fiction and fiction, I needed the kind of expertise in branding and marketing that Michael provides.  My presence on social media is much greater, my blogs are reaching the right audience, and my contacts with others involved in interfaith relations has expanded immensely because of suggestions and efforts from Michael.  Perhaps the most important skill that Michael has is that he "gets me" in the sense of understanding what my goals are and how best to reach them.  I don't hesitate to recommend Michael Hughes for your public relations needs."~~David Carlson  (Author, Speaker, Activist)
Location:  Franklin, Indiana

“Good Works Public Relations wrote a marketing narrative for our Holmquist Hazelnut Orchards website that captured our story very well! The compelling, captivating promotional content that Michael Hughes produced secured Holmquist Hazelnut Orchards favorable positions on search engines, garnering us the attention we needed for our business. We are very appreciative of his creative talents and marketing prowess that helped to increase our market share! We would definitely recommend the services of Good Works Public Relations!”
~~Richard Holmquist (Member/Manager of Holmquist Hazelnut Orchards LLC)
Location: Lynden, WA

“Thanks to the strategic marketing services Mr. Hughes has provided, Rectors Vacuum Shop has benefited from a compelling, eye-catching website that receives compliments from customers! Our website perfectly conveys how Rectors stands out from the competition. The key words and phrases, and the Search Engine Optimization capabilities, help to ensure that Rectors continues to show favorably in search engines. We are very satisfied with the results!”
~~Patti & Steve McCallum (Co-Owner of Rectors Vacuum Shop)
Location: Bellingham, WA

“Good Works Public Relations was able to effectively capture our vision for our salon! The marketing prose that Michael Hughes wrote for our Advanced Image Concepts Salon website perfectly represented the unique character and personality of our salon and played an important role in drawing more clients to our business. He applied a creative flair that resulted in a compelling, relevant website that gave us the optimal results for our business! We couldn't be more satisfied!”
~~Denise Willmaser (Owner of Advanced Image Concepts Salon)
Location: Stanwood, WA

“Gluten Free Angels has greatly benefited from the on-line marketing services that Good Works Public Relations has provided. We have a very professional, user friendly website that effectively showcases our exceptional gluten free products. Our business Facebook Page that Michael Hughes built and maintains for us has further increased our customer base and supporters. Gluten Free Angels has come out ahead thanks to these impressive marketing services!”
~~Christie Jaquette (Co-Owner of Gluten Free Angels Bakery)
Location: Bellingham, WA

“MEI has benefited from the SEO marketing content that Good Works Public Relations has created for our website. Our company has gained critical awareness, reached more people, and received compliments from customers. Our website is user friendly, intuitive, and the content captures important competitive advantages that so help MEI stand out from the competition. We are very happy with the results! We would highly recommend GWPR Services!”
~~Jeff King (Co-Owner of Microtech Electronics)
Location: Ferndale, WA

“As the owner of a local art gallery, getting the word out about my business was paramount. Teaming with Good Works Public Relations was key to promoting special events, featured artists and bringing customers to my door. Good Works excelled in customer service, responding in a timely fashion to changing situations and was also willing to develop a marketing plan that worked within my budget. I appreciated the level of integrity and commitment that showed in every facet of their work; Good Works was certainly by my side, helping me promote my gallery. I would certainly recommend Good Works Public Relations to help you grow your business.”
~~Claire Cundiff (Former Owner of Fogdog Gallery)
Location: Arlington, WA

“I contacted Michael Hughes at Good Works Public Relations in order to build a better web site and achieve some exposure on the Internet. Michael was able to initiate a new Facebook page and to build a website that was in tune with my business aims. In a very short time the number of Facebook 'LIKES' and the number of followers for my business Facebook page increased dramatically. This was very good for the increased exposure that the business received.”
~~Jay Coslick (Former General Manager at Your Choice Design)
Location: Arlington, WA

“Michael Hughes worked with a local non-profit organization, Stanwood/Camano Friends of the Library, to update a brochure for patrons of our library community. This brochure was the mainstay of our advertisement efforts. We needed to refresh our image and do a better job telling the public about our group. Michael also created an 8.5 X 11 inch flyer which was used to carry our message to parents of school aged children. He also reworked our website to make it more user friendly. Our visibility in the community was enhanced in part because of these efforts. Our small library support group membership numbers doubled in that year.”
~~Bonnie Thielke Past President of S/C Friends of the Library
Location: Stanwood, WA

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