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Michael R. Hughes
Marketing/PR Consultant
"Making the World a Better Place – One Idea at a Time"
Let Good Works Public Relations promote your business and increase the visibility and stature of your business so you can attract new customers and strengthen your bottom line! We are in the business of wanting you to succeed!

At Good Works Public Relations, we have the tools and expertise to create compelling promotional content for your website that includes SEO (Search Engine Optimization) capabilities and Keyword Rich Copy. This allows existing and potential new customers to quickly and easily find your businesses on the Web. This highly functional website enables your business to receive higher rankings on search engines like Bing and Google- connecting scores of people to your products and services!  

At Good Works Public Relations, we also produce engaging and relevant Facebook Page content designed to drive more traffic to your website, creating vital streams of pre-qualified customers, resulting in higher profit margins for your business!

We make it possible for our clients to stand out from the competition with our expertly written press releasesthat generate (free) local media coverage. Stories carried in area newspapers provide an ideal vehicle to increase visibility for your business in your home town and surrounding communities!

Good Works Public Relations can also produce topical blog content designed to establish your business as a major influencer - with enhanced authority and credibility - within your niche or industry.

Let Good Works Public Relations give your business the attention it deserves!
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